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InnleggSkrevet: Fre Sep 29, 2017 9:36 am
GremlinInnlegg: 2Registrert: Fre Sep 29, 2017 8:04 am
Hello sailors,

We'd like to invite you to the most intimate gaming weekend of the year.

We have rented a cabin in the woods, to harbour the wary traveller from Friday evening onwards. Food, drinks and a place to crash will be provided. Just think of the cameraderie (and general debauchery) of the WTC, only now in a cabin in the woods, with home cooked meals, and even cheaper beer.

We'll have a 32 player Masters event for Warmachine, and a 32 player event for Guild Ball too (we're working on getting recognition from Steamforged). Added to that, we'll spoil you even further with any side events we can cook up, such as Extreme Hardcore, a Spunky Spelldraft, or maybe even A Titillating Threesome.

Special awards like the Pas De Deux award, the Two Girls One Cup award and even the elusive Suck Her Money Shot award will be, well, awarded, but everyone who has ever been to the Belgian Masters XXX knows it's actually all about the Innuendo Cup, which is truly the most impressive, unique and ruggedly sexy trophy in all of Warmachine.

Below is a sneak peak of last year's Innuendo Cup:


As of this year, you will be able to attend this truly magical event without having to make a painful choice between the Belgian Masters XXX and not-the-Belgian-Masters-XXX, since we no longer occupy the same weekend on the calendar.

So, if you can't miss Belgium, book now via our website: Rest assured - Belgium can't miss you either.

See you soon!


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InnleggSkrevet: Man Des 11, 2017 3:36 pm
GremlinInnlegg: 2Registrert: Fre Sep 29, 2017 8:04 am
​So, the latest news about this increasingly legendary event:

We're an official Iron Gauntlet qualifier. So, if you win the Belgian Masters XXX in Warmachine, you qualify for the Iron Gauntlet finals at Lock n Load. If you come second or third, you get points towards that goal.

Also, we're an official Guild Ball national championship. That means - if you win the Belgian Masters XXX in Guild Ball, you qualify for the World Championships. In 2017, this was in the USA, with flight paid by Steamforged.

More importantly maybe, we decided on this edition's menu. Suffice to say - bring your stretchy pants. Also, we'll have more beer choices than ever.

If all this isn't enough to convince you, then let me just add that at ClogCon, Jarle and I decided to be friends (well, I decided that we would be friends, and he didn't object enough to change my mind ;-) ). So no need to feel guilty about anything. Also, we have something you guys don't: daylight.

Just come. You know you want to.

See you soon!


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