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With the release of the General’s Handbook for Age of Sigmar and Seasons of war the Age of Sigmar global campaign, will Outland Kirkegaten be hosting Matched play events off 1000 points (or more if people want) and Narrative games each Monday from 18:00 and out over the evening in the season of war’s campaign duration (14th July to 14th August). We will be having some special offers on the Age of Sigmar range during this period.

We will help you with the list building and points.

The first week all Start Collecting boxes for AoS will be 10% off.

The second, Third and fourth week will have 10% off on products from the grand Alliance that were most represented that week.

How it will work, each player that brings his army will give one point to his grand alliance (Death, Order, Destruction and Chaos), also the best painted army, unit and model will add another point to that grand alliance.

Example: The first week 2 players bring armies from grand alliance chaos, 1 player bring armies from grand alliance order, 3 players bring armies from grand alliance destruction and the last 2 players bring armies from grands alliance death. This will give the different Grand alliances the following points: Chaos 2, Order 1, Destruction 3 and Death 2. And let’s say that Order had best painter army and model, and Destruction had best painted unit the final points would be: Chaos 2, Order 3, Destruction 4 and Death 2. So all boxes and Books from Grand Alliance Destruction would be 10% off that week.

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