[Battle Report] Undead vs Basilea 2000 points, Push!

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[Battle Report] Undead vs Basilea 2000 points, Push!

Post by Frederique » Thu Jul 07, 2016 4:26 pm

Battle Report

2000 points
Push! Scenario

Fred's Undead vs Ulrik's Basilea

Ulrik, my opponent

- Hills are Height 2. (meaning none of our units can see over hills, since none of our units were taller than Height 2, coincidentally)
- I have missed a couple "minor" things like a few Bane Chants, Heal spells, Iron resolve details, etc - but I hope the reader is satisfied with the Broad Stroke approach.
- Apologies that my own armys notes (Undead) may be more in-depth than the opponents army (Basilea).
- I do not have my opponents Army list, so therefor did not include my own either - but I believe reading the report will reveal pretty much everything in the armies.



Above: After Deployment

We rolled a 1 on the D3 tokens, so we got just 1 loot token each - in addition to the one lying dead center on the table.
I placed mine in my Mummies regiment in centre, behind the hill.
Ulrik placed his in his Paladin Foot Guard on the left table edge.


above: Undead turn 1

Left side - Lykanis and Werewolves advance to put on some pressure. The Elohi cannot see over the building, which is a big advantage for me.
Centre advances slightly.
Right side - Revenant cav move left back towards centre, and Wraiths take up a good position across from the Elohi, just over 20" from each other.

In the shooting phase, the Catapult hits the Men at Arms unit (edit: might have been the archers, because it only did one wound, which is unlikely for a catapult)


above: Basilea turn 1

Left side - Paladin Foot Guard advances, Elohi sidesteps to back them up. They get company from a priest.
Centre advances.
Right side - Foot Guard reform to create a trap for the Wraiths, incase they wish to charge in.


above: Undead turn 2

Left side - Werewolves charge the Foot Guard. Lykanis runs past to threaten the enemy centre (all the while staying just within 6" from Werewolves)
Centre moves up on the hill to get vision.
Right side - Skeleton Archers and Cavalry start pushing through the forest.

In the shooting phase, my leftmost catapult hits and kills a Basilea Priest - one shotted!
The skeleton archers inflict a wound and Waver(!) the Men at Arms troop in the centre.

Combat - Werewolves hit the Foot Guard hard, and Wavers them!


above: Basilea turn 2

Left side - the Wavered foot guard shuffle backward - just creating enough space for the Elohi to charge over them.
Centre advances.
Right side, the Elohi that was wasting their time guarding the Ballista, decide to join the fray, and fly in towards centre.


above: Undead turn 3

Left side - Lykanis cannot resist the exposed flank of the Men at Arms, and joins a double charge together with Mummies. They only Waver the Men at Arms, exposing the Lykanis' flank.
Werewolves countercharge the Elohi, smacks them good, and Routs them!

Right side - Wights decide it's time to get bloody, and charge the Foot Guard regiment.
Skeleton Archers charge out of the forest, to hold up the Men at Arms.


above: Basilea turn 3

Left side - Foot Guard charge the Werewolves.
Foot Guard in centre gets a flank charge on the unfortunate Lykanis, and routs it.

Right side - Wights get caught in a vicious trap! They are triple charged by Men at Arms troop (front) Foot Guard (Front) and Elohi (flank)! Miraculously, they survive!
Men at Arms charge & flank charge the Undead archers, and Routs them.


above: Undead turn 4

Left side - werewolves keep fighting the stubborn Foot Guard.
Skeleton Archers move out of the cornfield and closer to the centre.

Mummies keep fighting the Men at Arms.

Right side - Wights countercharged the Foot Guard regiment, Routed them, and reformed to face the Elohi in the flank. Army Standard Bearer (Healing Charm) and Liche King (Heal 6) throw all their healing at the Wights, hoping they will survive another punishing turn of combat.
Revenant King charged out of the forest and into the Men at Arms troop - Routed them - and overran, trying to escape the front arc of the Men at Arms regiment.
Wraiths charged the Ballista, routed it, and overran.


above: Basilea turn 4

Left side - Men at Arms kept fighting the Werewolves.
Foot Guard in the centre do a sidestep to be able to charge the Mummies next round.

Right side - double charge on the Wights - Men at Arms troop gets in the Rear, and Elohi in the front.
This time they manage to Rout the Wights, and reform.

Men at Arms regiment get a flank charge on the Revenant cav in the forest.
Foot Guard regiment previously guarding the ballista, move towards the fray, ignoring the Wraiths that have landed behind them.


above: Undead turn 5

Left side - Werewolves finally rout the Foot Guard, and steal their Loot token!
Centre- Skeleton archers charge the Foot guard, to screen the Mummies.
Mummies rout the Men at Arms, and reform to face towards centre.

Right side - Revenant cav decide to pull out some Surge tricks! They move out of the forest and pivot to face the Elohi. The Revenant King surges them a bit of the way, and the Liche King surges them to hit home, striking the Elohi in the front!
Wraiths take up position on the hill, having a great vantage point from which to do some long flying charges later.


above: Basilea turn 5

Centre - Foot guard smack the Skeleton archers abit.
Men at Arms troop move forward to pick up the Loot Token lying in the dead centre of the field.
Right side - Elohi hit back on the Revenant Cav.
Men at Arms regiment charges the Catapult in the forest, routs it, and turns around again.
Foot guard move closer to centre.


above: Undead turn 6

Left - Archers keep holding up the Foot Guard.
Centre/Right - Mummies and Revenant King do a double charge on the Men at Arms troop holding the Loot token - but fail spectacularly to kill the unit.
Right - Revenant cav and Wraiths do a double charge on the Elohi - Wraiths swooping into the Rear! They Rout the Elohi and reform towards the right side.


Basilea turn 6

Centre - Ulrik declared he only had one chance to not lose the game - namely if his Men at Arms troop were to countercharge the Mummies, somehow Rout them in one turn of combat, and steal their token (and would thereby hold 2 tokens, including their own) - he tried this, but not surprisingly it did not work.


Turn 7 did not come around, so the game was over.

2+1=3 token points to Undead
1 token point to Basilea.

Undead won!

I was very happy to get the first turn so my Werewolves could stop & isolate the Loot carrying Foot Guard regiment on the far left flank. By holding it back, he would not be able to score more than 1 point by holding it, and best case I could even Rout them and steal it (which happened!)
I had some lucky shooting which helped me early on, also I think Ulrik's Ballista never hit anything during the entire game. :)
Frederick B

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Post by William » Wed Jul 13, 2016 3:09 pm

Veldig kul battle report! Og så ut som en artig kamp :)

Også kult at Ulrik har kommet i gang med klubbspilling! :)

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