[Fast Battle Report 2] Chris (Salamanders) vs Lars (Goblins)

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[Fast Battle Report 2] Chris (Salamanders) vs Lars (Goblins)

Post by Chryzthon » Fri Feb 03, 2017 8:00 pm

Alright, speed game #2!
We roll Invade scenario.
40 min on the clocks.

I think deployment went fair enough, but
of course since Lars had 7 more drops than
me, he could supercharge the flank of his
choosing after I had "shown my hand".

Anyway, he seemed to sprinkle his extra
resources here and there and covered the
entire table basically.

My guys had the middle , but alas an
impassible terrain piece split my middle a
bit in half. This would be a problem
later, but I wasn't that clairvoyant when
we chose sides.

So I had two exposed flanks basically, but
had done a novel move of putting both fire
drakes on my extreme right since they the
highest M in the army (7). seemed like a
good idea at the time.

(In hindsight i should have put the
tyrants with the fire drakes on the right
instead of parking them behind the
impassable terrain as a "reactive" late-
game unit)

In summary, on my extreme left flank I had
nothing, while Lars had two troops of
Mawbeasts and one troop of fleabag rider

Starting from middle and going all the way
out to my extreme right flank lars had the
rest of his army spread out aaaall the
way. An obscene amount of drops.

On my extreme right, only the fire drakes
stood facing at least four (up to six)
units with only partial support from a
skink and ancients unit closer to the

Salamanders post-deployment:

Goblins post-deployment:

I gave Lars first turn, also a horrible
move in hindsight considering this was
invade we were playing.

PS: shooting is not covered in the report. In short, the Salamanders did not shooting while the Goblins zapped off the occational Lightning Bolt and Bane Chant.

Lars turn 1
Every unit marched forward, his middle
units and units on my right keeping in
line. on my extreme left, the sniffs made a
long march and a pivot to take a look at
my flank, while the Mawbeasts move as much
as they can.

Chris turn 1
I left my leftmost two units and my
clan-lord on raptor in my middle to face his
chaff coming down the extreme left, while
i moved as fast as possible up with the
rest of the guys. The two ghekkotah troops
parked right in front of his line, with
ancients and primes in charge range

My tyrants decided to commit to the left
left of the table and started their
journey from the back field.

My rightmost units in the middle moved
carefully toward his line, keeping decent
distance still.

My two fire drakes saw a gambit that I
thought was interesting; they could charge
the one fleabag troop on the furthest
right, overrunning out of sight of all his
others units and stopping in front of
another fleabag unit a bit back.
Why I did this without a follow-up plan is
beyond me, i think it just seemed like a
disruptive and fun thing to do.
I needed a 4 to punch through, and a 3+
roll on both Fire drakes to move out of
sight arc, but failed to Rout the unit!
Now the drakes were screwed, and


Lars t2
On my extreme left flank, the sniffs and
Mawbeasts advanced forward toward my
unpopulated flank area

A bit toward the middle,
a goblin rabble regiment charged a skink
roadblocking regiment and Routet it.

The rabble legion moved forward with other
stuff in the middle.

On my right flank, the Mincer easily
dispatched one Fire Drake, and the Fleabag
riders bounced off the other without doing

Some lightning bolts were thrown, causing
a few wounds to something scaly.

Chris turn 2.

Left to right as usual:
I pivoted my skinks and Primes to face the
sniffs & fleabags, and the clan-lord on raptor
moved closer to the Mawbeasts to be in
charge range.

I flew my HoneyMaze battle-captain toward the
left field, in range of charging the
sniffs next turn unless they move

My left flank:

Toward middle:
My other ghekkotah troop that was parked
right in front of the goblin battle line
got a flank charge on the rabble unit that
took out the first ghekkotah troop.
Then the ancients took a juicy flank
charge on the rabble legion in the middle!
i was excited about that one.

However that turned out pretty bad.
First of all, the ancients rolled horribly
and only caused 5 wounds or so on the
And worst of all, when the ghekkotah
Routed the Rabble, which should be a good
thing, they actually opened up a flank
charge lane for the Mincer parked back
there! It was now aimed right toward the
flank of the beforementioned Ancients
unit. Darn goblins coming in waves, hard
to keep overview sometimes.

Sensing that the right flank was lost
regardless, I decide to re-commit some of
my rightmost resources toward the left,
via the backfield. This means that the
skinks nearest my right problematic flank
moved up to create a roadblock, while the
ancients behind them move backwards along
that pesky impasssible piece.
The other clan-lord on raptor also took a long march
from the right and to the middle.

The fire drake was now completely
abandoned and caused a few wounds on the

Right before the charge lane is opened up:

Lars t3:

On the left, the sniffs moved even further
backfield and were now partially inside my
deployment zone.
The two Mawbeasts units, sensing that my
clan-lord on raptor wanted to maul them, cleverly
created a flank trap "L-formation" for him
to smash into.

The Rabble region countercharged by
pivoting, and together with the Mincer
they wiped out the Ancients. They opted to
move backward after ward to hide their
flank behind the impassable terrain.

On the right, trolls and rabble charged
the skink roadblock regiment and wiped it


I believe the Fire Drake survived yet
annother turn, now that mincer lost TC and
the fleabags were so weak.

chris t3:

On the left, things suddenly got very
effective, as the flying battle-captain charged &
Routed the Sniffs while the clan-lord on raptor
and the ghekkotah did the same on the
Mawbeasts units.

In the middle backfield, the ancients
moved behind the impassable piece.
The tyrants and Primes combo charged the
Legion together with both the clan-lords on raptors,
taking the entire Legion out.

Lars t4:

Lars' trolls in the middle charged the
Primes who had reformed after they Routed the legion, and Routed them!

On the right, there were only goblin units
left now, and they starting stomping
comfortably over the line and lightning up
the barbeque.


chris t4:
Really short on time now, the Ancients who went backfield finally pull off a charge, together with Tyrants and ghekkotah flankers. Together they Rout the persky trolls in a serious team effort.
A clan-lord on raptor tried to take out the Mincer but

I moved my units as far upward as
but the mincer presence combined with how
my units are positioned caused a traffic

Lars t5:
"this is how we do iiit" (music playing over on the right)

chris t5:
Clan-lord on raptor tries to kill the mincer again but still no Routing.
Flying lord charges flag bearer but does too little damage.
Slight traffic jam keeps my units quite stuck.

(We actually played 6 turns but due to my hazy recollection of events,
these 6 turns have been magically condensed into 5 in this report.)

It was clear that Lars had a clear home-
run on the scenario, my units had a strong
presence in the middle by the end but none
of them were over the line! In contrast
half of his army had already set up lawn
chairs and were well into the barbeque
party on the right side of the table,
where they had been alone for some time.

What went wrong?
Hard to say, I think the "stick together!"
plan that worked so well with dominate was
partially abandoned today with a few
tricks, I think I spread out too thin.
Maybe the best bet would have been to
dominate one table half and let Lars have
the other, then see who managed to eek out
a minor win by sideways grinding away at
the other. That would have kept me much
closer in the race i believe.

Also the impassible piece did a number on
me, but mostly because I had already
become indecisive and tried to reposition
slow units, so it was a "lose-more"
problem rather than a real problem I
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Ah! Kult at du fikk skrevet ned dette, Chris!

Min tur 6 var på bare noen få sekunder og var bare flyting av min venstre flanke godt inn på din halvdel så ikke så mye å rapportere fra den turen :)

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