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Breakfast @ Blutchies

Post by Vestlandsfanden » Fri Mar 16, 2018 7:41 pm

Hey there

As you know, the danish warm-up has ben cancelled this year, due to a lack of sign-ups
Well, I can not provide sleep-over for a 100 people, but if people can bring air matress' and sleeping bags, I can provide sleep-over for 20 people. I live in central Copenhagen (Eternal Flitter has been here), so there should be opportunity for crashing the town, if you should wish to do so.
The place we play is DGI-byen in Copenhagen. That is just next to the central railway station, so if you arrive saturday morning, it is litteraly a 5 minute walk from the station to where we play.
So what I am able to do is this ->

A 5-man team tournement in Copenhagen the weekend 1-3 of june
If you all can come, there will be 6 teams: England, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Danish ETC, Danish "ETC wanna-be"

The program will get to look like this:
09.00 good morning
09.30 game 1
13.15 lunch
14.00 game 2
17.15 break
17.45 game 3
21.30 game 3 ends. We have to be out at 22.00

09.30 Good morning
10.00 game 4
13.45 game 4 ends, we declare a winner, and say thanks to each other for some good games
We can get 2 games sunday, but I guess people would like to get home in a decent time

Army lists have to be send to my mail latest 1. of may ''. Then I will send all lists to the teams 3. of may when I have done the math on them

The price will be 300 danish kroner (45-50 euro) pr person for participating
I will see to, there is breakfeast on saturday and sunday for those who sleeps here and lunch on saturday
We will be able to sell beers and soda for 5 danish kroner (just under 1 euro), and there will be coffee

I would like to hear, if this could have any interest, before I go along with it

Christoffer / Kpl. Blutch
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