The Sacking of Koerin - Warhammer AAR del 3

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The Sacking of Koerin - Warhammer AAR del 3

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Her følger en kamprapport fra den siste og avgjørende kampen i vår warhammer kampanje. Bilder kan finnes på min blogg: ... rt-part-3/.

Kamprapporten er skrevet av Christian.


The Battle for Koerin Part III

Scenario: Battleline

O&G Strategem: D3 units for ambush (Rolled for one unit)

Empire Strategem: Inspiring Speech (Failed)

Having destroyed the Keep protecting the city of Koerin, Gooby, the Night Goblin Warlord sets his eyes on the city itself. The city is still protected by a series of hills and impassable terrain making a straightforward charge, like the previous battle not ideal. This would create a killing zone where the greenskin numbers would be rendered useless. As Gooby is laying his plans with help from his Black Orc Warboss and Shaman, his warcamp is approached by a shifty looking little hafling. In exchange for the promise of all the booty from the famous Koerin Bakeshop he tells Gooby about a hidden goat trail behind the hills. Using this stratagem, Gooby sends his fierce and mobile boar riders to secure the trail and hopefully find a way around the hills.

Back in Koerin, The Witch Hunter Mordecai, suffering still from another defeat, is struggling to contain his rage. He kneels down in prayer and asks “Why have thou Forsaken me, Sigmar?” but he is only met with silence. This seemingly lack of divine favor saps his nerves. This does not go unnoticed by the beaten and bloodied men, and as Mordecai gives a speech he fails to inspire the men for the coming battle. Still being men of the Empire they are not about to let these Greenskin loot and destroy everything they hold dear. This is their families’ homes and heritage after all; no Greenskin would defile their town without a fight. The men steel themselves by their own resolve out of love for their home.

Turn 1-2

As fierce calls of Waagh and Orcish battlehorns are sounded, the Greenskin begin to march forward, and to no one’s suprise the mortar misfires. The crew didn’t even bother to cover their ears as the fuse was lit. The Handgunners however, fires volleys of lead that penetrates the blackened black orc armor, and in a glimmering of hope, sends the black orcs running. Uther Emberstorm conjures terrifying screaming heads of flame that blasts through the troll and Big Uns and subsequently spider riders at the flank, but the Greenskins hold firm continuing marching and riding forth.

The Shadow Wizard tries his best to cast Okkhams Mindrazor, but it is dispelled by the more magically adept Goblin Shaman, and as the Orcish horde approaches the spearmen, led as always by Captain Wolf, are unsure on whether or not to charge the night goblins as they spot a few fanatics wielding their ball and chain in the midst.

With the spider riders being slowed down by fire the Pegasus Knight Withdraws to the safety of the empire main battleline.

Turns 2-4

Fearing the power of the Fanatics, Captain Wolf breaks the line to the dismay of Mordecai. However, the fanatics consume their mushrooms and goes into a spinning mode of death as the spearmen charge through them and five spearmen are smashed as their heads are unable to stop a ball of steel traveling at high speed. Even with these casualties, the spearmen impale and crush the night goblins forcing them to flee and Captain Wolf is unable to restrain his men and charges forward into the forest. This turned out to be a hard mistake as orc boys charge them in the flank and lose their rank bonus and allows for another Night Goblin regiment to pass through the flank and up the hill.

Now the first of the Orc Boys regiments are in range of the main State Troop Unit and they charge right at them. However, these men are supported by both a captain of the empire, the Witch Hunter himself and Boris the War Priest that swiftly break the enemy orc boys and let them retreat holding their ground.

As there is no sign of ambush the Pegasus Knights feels compelled to defend his comrades from being flanked by the spiders riders and charges at the second spider party and with his lance is able to impale three of them, sending them running. The other spider riders clash with the swordsmen supported by a Warrior Priest but are driven back.

These are small victories however, as Captain wolf is not able to hold his men from breaking and they flee the battle and the left flank is lost to the Greenskins.

As the spider riders make for the hill it is now the Big’Uns time to shine. Banging their battle shields made of flayed humie-flesh, they charge like a mob across the field into the swordsmen unit, headed by a Warrior Priest of Sigmar. Being of equal skill the battle is fierce as swords clash with choppas, sending the sound of steel ringing in the ears as beautiful music to both human and orc alike. However, as the melee carries on, the Big’Uns presses through the swordmens, killing at least twice as many men as orc falls. This breaks the Swordmens morale as they discard their Glorious Standard, which they had sworn to protect, and flee the battle ironically with the priest at the helm of the rout. Though it would prove that turning your back to Big’Uns only makes them angrier as they are denied a good fight, and to punish this disappointment the Big’Uns run the men down and put them to the choppas.

Turn 5-6
Mordecai and his troops are now feeling secure and decide to charge the enemy, slaughtering the Orc Boys which had previously assaulted the frontline. Being backed by Uther Emberstorm and his retinue, they have little need to fear as the Big’uns would predictably be dealt with by fire and lead. The Pegasus Knight, completely forgetting his real job, which was to protect the flank and rear, rush up the hill far away from the main battle in order to impale each and last goblin spider rider.

As Uther Emberstorm lits up in a halo of flame and gives his handgunners the signal to fire, a loud battlehorn is heard at the rear. The Boar Boys have successfully navigated the goat trail and come up behind the Imperial rear! The Boars charge across the field and smashes straight into Uther Emberstorm’s retinue, and cleaves the old bastard clean in two while impaling and stabbing the poor sods to death. As the rest try to flee the battle they find themselves stomped and maimed by angry war boars.

Faced with total encirclement Mordecai, now facing Gooby and his Black Orc bodyguard, comes to the conclusion that he is the only one who can finally end Gooby’s reign of terror and possibly break his forces before the Boar Boys and the remaining Greenskins can encircle his valiant troops. Mordecai breaks formation and steps ahead of his men, stops in front of the Black Orcs and make a series of dashing skilled swings with his greatblade to the awe of his men, who chants his name. The Black Orcs respond in kind as Gooby, unimpressed by the silly witch hunter display, steps forward and spits on the hunter shoes grinning. Mordecai points his sword at Gooby and proclaims with a voice that has seen too much whiskey in its time; “You started this war, plunged Hochland into chaos, and now the Empire is going to put you down and restore the peace!”. Gooby pushes the greatsword aside and respond; “Oi! Come an’ git it, pinky!”

Mordecai yells as he charges and swings his blade, but as he swings the greatblade, Gooby jumps up avoiding the blade while simultaneously lands on top if it and agilely spins as he takes three flashing cuts straight through Mordecai with his Ogreblade which separates his limbs and head from his torso creating a fountain of blood that paints the entire font row of both the orcs and men red with blood as Gooby laughs maniacally. This was the ultimate end of Mordecai, the Witch Hunter General had fallen.

Just as things were looking their worst for the Empire Soldiers, the Shadow Wizard finally is able to cast his spell, the great Occam Mindrazor, which he has been chanting from the beginning of the battle. The Imperial Soldiers weapons get a purple glow around them as their strength is now boosted by their leadership and in a single battlecry yells; “By the power of Greyskull, we have the Power!” As greenskin charges in at all sides, the empowered men are completely surrounded by goblins, war boars and orc boys alike but they furiously slaughter the orcs in the melee sending them running. Nevertheless, even as the Swordmen fight like steroid buffed up men with pageboy haircuts, the rest of the Empire army is hunted down for sport by the remaining Greenskin regiments.

While the Swordmen pose in great fashion with their new found strength, Boris the Warpriest, saddened by the loss of his best friend Mordecai becomes enraged and spins his great twohanded hammer over his head and then quickly too his sides back and forth before he slams it into the ground sending earth shattering quakes across the field. Sounding a terrifying battlecry, enough to even break the spirit of a Bloodthirster Daemon, he calls out too Gooby for a challenge in a final confrontation of epic scale. But, alas to his detriment and jaw gaping shock he sees Gooby and his orcs have already used the time when he and his men were posing and showing off to take Koerin, and are well underway with the looting and pillaging of the city. The Empire had lost, and Koerin was sacked.

Game ended by turn 6

1352 Victory Points to the Orcs & Goblins and 950 Victory Points to the Empire

Victory to the Greenskins

Christian Afterthoughts:

I was happy that I was able to use terrain to my advantage; I deployed the Pegasus on the far right as a ruse as my plan was to withdraw him to the rear to counter the eventual ambush by the boar riders. Nevertheless, I got too greedy and wanted to claim the points of the spider riders. The first turns turned out well with the handgunners, and even though I had lost both my supporting state troop regiments, I was confident that I could take his main army with my main unit supported by the handgunners. However, when the boar riders so quickly destroyed my handgunners and lvl 4 Wizard, the winds of war went to Ulsund as he was able to outmaneuver me and take out my remaining support units. When I got Occam Mindrazor off and won the subsequent melee, things were looking good for my swordmens but alas nothing else as I was surrounded and my Pegasus on the far side of the map which proved that my deathstar tactic was inefficient even when it was working. A very good game with fun dash of “what a twist!” moments. Also an end of an era as Gooby finally slayed Mordecai himself in a one on one challenge. :)

Eirik Afterthoughts:

I started out pretty much as I had in the previous games. Concentrating my strongest units in the middle, and using forces that are more mobile on the flanks. In this battle, this tactic almost lost me the game. Most of my units in the middle were, by round 3 and 4, either routed or badly injured. The boar boyz saved my day, as they came thundering in from the rear of Christians handgunners and the fire mage. After this I started mopping up his remaining forces, and tried to avoid the Swordsmen with the Occams Mindrazor charm.

It was a close one, and as always a complete joy to play against ChristianJ!

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