Ragnarok 3 - Kristiansand 5th of November!

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Ragnarok 3 - Kristiansand 5th of November!

Post by amir90 » Wed Sep 07, 2016 3:01 pm

Warhammer 40k Tournament
Ragnarok is an offical ITC event, you can read more about the circuit here: https://www.frontlinegaming.org/communi ... t-circuit/

After some consideration, I have decided that the tournament will be more of a casual event. People are free to bring whatever battleforged army they want, but consider this is a great oppertunity to bring out those less competive and unused models of yours ;)

Slots left: 7/14

Lars - Dark Eldar + Eldar
Robin Hansen - Tau Empire
Sergei - Astra Militarium
Emil - Blood Angels or Astra Miliatarium
Frank O. - Tyranids
Nicolai S. - Orkz
Amir Hayek - Deathwatch + Marines (Stand in)

Overall Guidelines:
• Location: Outland
• Saturday, 5th of November
• Registration: By the end of 3rd of November
• Round 1: 10:30am
• 3 Round event
• 1500 points
• 2.5hr rounds (pairings not included)
• GW Draft FAQ
• Prize support for best painted model, best general and best sportmanship
• Maelstrom mission 1,3,6 from the rulebook (see below)
• Price: Free! I have taken upon myself to paint and add more terrrain for future events at Outland, so feel free to donate to either the account 3000 22 51163, by cash or via Vipps (47384068). This is not required at all for attendence.
• No painting requirements (fully painted, three colors, gives 1 tiebreaker point)
•Painted models gain preferred enemy against unpainted models.
• Proxying weapons is allowed, but must be stay coherent throughout the whole army (e.g all proxied grav guns are proxied by gauss blasters).
• Proxying models is not allowed. However, "rule of cool" applies here. If you are unsure if your conversion or "count as model" is allowed, then send me a picture.
• If you send your list, at least one week before the event you get 1 tiebreaker point.
But, all the lists must be sent and approved at least 3 days before the event (TBA) This is because I want to publish the lists before the event starts.
• First pairing will be published before the event.
• Make sure that the list is easily readable, do not include information that is unnessceary.
• Send your lists and questions to:

The maelstrom missions are exactly like the ones in the rulebook (1,3 and 6) except for:
- Mysterious objective will not be played at Ragnarok 3 unless both player insist on using them.
- Instead of first blood, we will be playing with first strike (If you killed a unit on your 1st turn you earn 1 victory point).
- Big game hunter (the player who destoryed the most expensive unit gets 1 victory point (if it is a tie, both get a point).
- The player who deploys first, has to start first.
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Post by amir90 » Tue Oct 18, 2016 1:27 am

Bump. Oppdatert med info.

Happy Wargaming folkens!

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