Chaos space marines med Daemon allies.

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Chaos space marines med Daemon allies.

Post by gopro » Sun Mar 31, 2013 3:05 pm

Legger denne inn her også for å få litt konstruktive tilbakemeldinger. Går ut ifra at engelsken min går greit for de fleste. Legg igjen en kommentar hvis noe er uklart.

Hi guys and girl!
I'm really wondering what my next move is when it comes to acquiring new units.
I am trying to go for a competitive army, but mostly I'm just playing for fun. And I'm not into the whole tournament setting just yet. But I hope to get there some day. I have got quite a few units now, but I'm still a rookie when it comes to playing, I guess this may be reflected by the units i have so far as well.
I started going for a death guard themed army, with typhus and zombies. But typhus is really slow and so are the zombies, so i have used the biker lord with the MoN with bikers or spawn and plague marines as troops with a big and a small blob of cultists as my core army.
I have now started to use khorne daemons as allies, proxying my DP as a bloodthirster. I love how he works. But i feel I don't have enough units to deal with long range fire power yet. So in this list im thinking of deep striking skarbreand and his (armorbane and fleshbane axes) with a unit of bloodletters to incease the chance of him coming in early. Same for the DP of khorne and the other squad of bloodletters. This might help me get linebreaker and kill the warlord pretty early. Don't think many other warlords can deal with Skarbrands WS;10, I;10, S:6, AP:2 fleshbane weapon in CC. The other DP could try to get rid of long range shooters with the other squad of bloodletters taking an objective or attacking +3 armor. For the primary detachment Ill try to keep the biker lord out of CC, and get the black mace in as quickly as possible with the AP:4 on the black mace Ill try to get him to big infantry blobs. He may also smash some puny AP: 2 armors if he has to. Plagues do their thang' objective camping and stuff, big cultist squad soak up fire, small squad objective camping, hopefully somewhere hidden.

This would be the list.

CSM primary detachment:
Warlord - Daemon prince of Khorne - Black mace, wings, power armor - 265
Lord on bike - MoN, burning brand - 130
Bikes x3 - +1, 3x MoN, 2x plasmas - 138
Plague marines x5 - +2, 2x plasmas, rhino - 233
Plague marines x5 - +2, 2x plasmas, rhino - 233
Cultists x10 - +19 - 126
Cultist x10 - 50
Heldrake - baleflamer - 170
Allied detachment
Scarbrand - 225
Deamon prince of khorne - wings, lesser reward - 210
Bloodletters x10 - icon of chaos - 110
Bloodletters x10 - icon of chaos - 110
2000 on the dot.

What do you guys think?

How do i bring my army to the next level?

This is how my army looks now, all WYSIWYG.

Cultist x36 Auto guns x16 Auto pistols w/CCW x16 w/ Flamer x3 w/ stubber x1 Champ x4 Cham w/shotgun x2
Plague Maries x22 Bolt guns x12 Flamer x2 Melta x2 Plasma x6
Plague Champions x6 Lightning claw x1 Bolt gun x2 Power fist x1 Power maul x1 Power axe x1
Chosen x6 Lightning claws x1 Bolt gun x2 Power fist x1 Power maul x1 Power axe x1
Typhus x1
Chaos lord x3 Power sword/Murder Sword x2 Power axe/AoBF x1 On Juggernaut x1 On Bike x1
Bikes x8 Plasma x2 Combi bolter x6 Power fist x1
Spawn x6
Rhino x2 Combi bolter x2
Vindicator x1 Havoc launcher x1
Daemon prince x1 Daemon of Khorne x1 The black mace x1 Wings x1
Bloodletters x20 Icon of chaos x1 Instrument of chaos x1
Obliterator x3 Mark of Nurgle x3
Heldrake x1 Baleflamer x1

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You might want to make a post about this in the buy and sell part on the forum (kjøp/salg) :wink:
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