Aroscon and Fastawar

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Aroscon and Fastawar

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Aroscon and Fastawar would like to invite you to Denmark.

Aroscon 5/3-6/3 2016
Aroscon is a multiple system tournament being held in Aarhus, the systems included is Warhammer 9th age, Warhammer 40k, Flames of War and Malifaux. The tournaments will run
from saturday the 5th of March to sunday the 6th of March.
Sleeping arrangements can be made on the school grounds from friday to sunday. Food is included in the price and will be made by our own kitchen staff, the meals included is
lunch saturday and sunday, dinner saturday and breakfast sunday.

Price for the whole event will be 350dkr.

For more information you can check out Aroscon here.

Fastawar 24/3-25/3 2016


Fastawar is a Danish warhammer 40k tournament following the ITC tournament template at 1850pts. The tournament will be 6 games over two days with fully painted armies.

The event is held at Fastval which is a Danish festival for roleplaying, live, boardgames, magic, miniature games, workshops, live performances, applaus, dancing, fun
and last but not least the Otto-party.
Sleeping arrangements and food can be bought as part of the Fastaval festival.

Fastval can be found at and is held from 23/3 - 27/3 2016.

For more information about Fastawar click here.

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