ETC league Bergen #2

Informasjon om turneringer i 9th-age

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ETC league Bergen #2

Post by Grayfox » Mon Feb 11, 2019 8:17 pm

Alexander - VS

Plague Patriarch [725pts]: Light Armour [5pts], Plague Flail [20pts], Plague Pendulum [410pts], Wizard Adept [75pts]
. Special Equipment [60pts]: Putrid Protection [60pts]
Vermin Daemon [820pts]: Army General
Footpads [140pts]: 10x Footpads [90pts], Musician [20pts]
Plague Brotherhood [355pts]: Champion [20pts], Musician [20pts], 24x Plague Brotherhood [240pts], Standard Bearer [20pts]
. Banner Enchantment [50pts]: Banner of Speed [50pts]
Rats-at-Arms [240pts]: Musician [20pts], 25x Rat-at-Arms [175pts]
Vermin Guard [390pts]: Musician [20pts], Standard Bearer [20pts], 20x Vermin Guard [320pts]
. Banner Enchantment [100pts]: Lightning Rod [100pts]
Meat Grinder [150pts]
Plague Disciples [241pts]: Champion [20pts], 11x Plague Disciple [187pts]
Vermin Hulks [485pts]: Become Thunder Hulks [60pts], 4x Vermin Hulk [300pts]
.. Champion [130pts]: Rotary Gun (4+) [110pts]
Dreadmill [305pts]
Dreadmill [305pts]
Verminous Artillery [170pts]: Plague Catapult [170pts]
Verminous Artillery [170pts]: Plague Catapult [170pts]

Lars - DL

Harbinger of chaos, general, wizard adept, great beast 8f prophecy, evocation 370
Omen of savar, wizard adept, divination, hammer hand, iron husk 565
Onen of savar, wizard adept, thaumaturgy, dexterous tentacles, hammer hand, iron husk 580
2x10 myrmidons, musikk greenfire eyes 265
10 lemures 200
17 succubi, mesmerizing plumage, standard, musikk 422
5 hellhounds, digestive vomit 165
6 clawed fiends, broodmother, musikk 644
4 brazen beasts, red haze, standard, musikk 548
2 mageblight gremlins, venom sacs 197
3 veil serpents 280

Ole - UD

Death Cult Hierarch [620pts]: Ark of Ages, Divination, Light Armour, Soul Conduit, Wizard Master
. Special Equipment: Sacred Hourglass - Dominant
Death Cult Hierarch [220pts]: Evocation, Hierophant, Wizard Adept
Nomarch [225pts]: Army General
. Special Equipment: Crown of the Pharaohs - Pharaoh and Nomarchs only
Tomb Architect [210pts]
. Special Equipment: Crown of the Wizard King - Cannot be taken by Wizards
Tomb Harbinger [310pts]: Shield
. Skeleton Chariot
. . Skeleton Chariot: 2 Skeletal Horses
. Special Equipment: Scourge of Kings, Sun's Embrace
Skeleton Chariots [765pts]: Champion, Legion Charioteers, Musician, 7x Skeleton Chariot, Standard Bearer
. Banner Enchantment: Banner of Speed
Skeleton Scouts [130pts]: 5x Skeleton Scout
Skeleton Scouts [130pts]: 5x Skeleton Scout
Skeletons [170pts]: Musician, 20x Skeleton
Tomb Cataphracts [500pts]: Musician, 5x Tomb Cataphract
Tomb Cataphracts [500pts]: Musician, 5x Tomb Cataphract
Charnel Catapult [200pts]
Charnel Catapult [200pts]
Sand Scorpion [160pts]
Sand Scorpion [160pts]

Aslak - EoS

Marshal [305pts]: Battle Standard Bearer, Great Tactician, Shield
. Special Equipment: Winter​ ​Cloak​
Prelate [375pts]: Army General, Plate Armour, Shield
. Special Equipment: Death​ ​Warrant​, Imperial​ ​Seal​, Witchfire​ ​Guard​
Wizard [350pts]: Pyromancy, Wizard Master
Wizard [200pts]: Alchemy, Wizard Adept
Heavy Infantry [185pts]: 20x Heavy Infantry, Musician, Standard Bearer
Light Infantry [265pts]: 20x Light Infantry
Light Infantry [265pts]: 20x Light Infantry
Light Infantry [265pts]: 20x Light Infantry
State Militia [150pts]: Gain Skirmisher, 10x State Militia
Imperial​ ​Guard​ [749pts]: Champion, 37x Imperial​ ​Guard​, Musician, Replace Shield with Great Weapon
Imperial​ ​Guard​ [665pts]: Champion, 35x Imperial​ ​Guard​, Musician, Standard Bearer
. Banner Enchantment: Rending Banner
Artillery [250pts]: Cannon​​ (4+)
Steam​ ​Tank​ [475pts]

Kyrre - VC

Vampire count: general, the dead arise, lamia, commandment, court of the damned (blood ties), wizard master, witchcraft, reaper's harvest, cursed medallion, unholy tome, 1315
Vampire courtier: bsb, lamia, mesmerizing gaze, wizard adept, witchcraft, paired weapons, light armour, destiny's call, 485
40 ghouls: champion, 660
41 zombies: musician, standard bearer, 260
20 zombies: 115
20 zombies: 115
2 Great bats: 90
2 Great bats: 90
2 Great bats: 90
8 vampire spawns: 640
8 vampire spawns: 640
Total: 4500

Sjur - BH

700 - Mino Warlord, General, PW, Kingslayer, Aaghors affliction, Crown of horns, Potion of swiftness
455 - Beast chief, BSB, Greater totem, Basalt, Seed of the dark forest, Chariot, HA, Shield.
490 - Soothsayer, lvl4, Shamanism, Dark Rain, Chariot, Light armor, PW
115x4 - 10 Mongrel Raiders, ambush&scout.
446 - 47 Mongrel herd, Mus, Standard, Spear, Wildherd banner.
737x2 - 7 Mino, FC, Rending banner, PW, Champ w/ blackwing totem
475 - Gortach
Total: 4500


Lars - Sjur 17-3
Kyrre - Sjur 19-1

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